About Us

We know that insurance is often the last thing on your mind. You see accidents on the internet and on TV and you're certain it won't happen to you. But what if the worst did happen? You'd want to know that you and your family were protected, right? That's where Totally comes in.

The first thing you should know is that we're not like other insurance companies. We won't baffle you with financial jargon, or hide important facts in small print. We won't sell you something you don't need, or that you can't afford.

What we will do is talk to you about your lifestyle and your requirements, then put together an affordable policy that's right for you, and that will pay out if and when you need it.

Our approach

When you call us, you'll never be talking to a machine, or answering questions from a standard script. Our expert advisors treat every customer as an individual, and never as a number. Oh and they really know their sports!


What makes us different?

  • Totally tailored - our friendly and knowledgeable advisors will create a tailored package of cover which suits the needs of you and your family
  • Totally affordable - you tell us your budget, and we'll ensure you get quality cover that you can afford
  • Totally trusted - our customers trust us to recommend the best cover for them. They trust us to ensure that their lives, livelihoods and families are protected against the worst
  • Totally ethical - we are a different kind of insurance provider. We do things right. We will never recommend a product that isn't right for you
  • Totally covered - we can provide you with day 1 cover that will pay out in the event of an accident whether you are practicing, playing or competing. We can also provide protection for your whole family

The Totally Difference

There are some very good, practical reasons why you should choose Totally over other providers for your personal insurance needs.

1. If you have an income protection policy and you need to make a claim, we won't leave you in the lurch after six months. We'll continue to pay you until you're ready to return to work. With Totally, there is no limit to the length of the claim.

2. If you have a bad accident and sustain a number of fractures, other providers may only pay out for one. Totally cover you for multiple fractures per claim. We'll also pay out for fractures/dislocations to fingers, nose, toes and ribs, which aren't usually covered.

3. There is no limit to the benefit payable. Other income protection providers pay a maximum of £700 per month for injury and £900 per month for sickness. Our policy can pay up to £1000 per month without proof of income and if you can prove your salary, you'll receive up to 60% of your income*. So a company director earning £200k per annum could potentially receive a benefit of £10k per month.

*upper limit may apply

4. Another major provider stopped covering dangerous activities and professional/semi professional sports people in 2009, and haven't sold products in the UK since late 2010. Totally Sports Insurance have more than filled that gap with our comprehensive products and commitment to outstanding customer service.

5. We won't try and sell you multiple, overlapping insurance products that you don't need or want. Instead, we'll tailor-make a comprehensive policy that provides you and your family with exactly the level of cover you need, at the right price. It's that simple. There's no upfront payment, and your policy paperwork will be with you before any money leaves your account.

IMPORTANT - we are aware of a handful of unscrupulous agents operating in the area of sports insurance. They are selling products from reputable insurance providers, but some of the practices they employ are dishonest to say the least. We're determined to stamp out underhand practices in the industry, so if you've encountered one of these agents, we'd like to encourage you to be a whistleblower and let the provider (or us) know about them. If you've had any dealings that rang alarm bells, ask yourself:

  • Are you 100% certain that your hobbies are disclosed on the paperwork? You may have told the agent that you played sports, but please do check the small print. We've seen too many cases in which a customer's sport doesn't make it on to the paperwork, meaning they aren't covered for injuries relating to it.
  • Have you been asked to lie about the sport you play? We've come across cases in which motocross riders have been told to say they play football as they wouldn't be covered otherwise!
  • Have you been advised to be dishonest about a claim? Even more shockingly, we know of one case in which a biker took a tumble during a race and was told by his agent to say he was only practicing. Needless to say, the insurers checked, and the £20k payout the customer had been expecting didn't materialise - the claim was null and void

We're not trying to scaremonger; we just want to prevent anyone else getting caught out by these less than reputable individuals. At Totally, we took a decision early on to become regulated, because we want our customers to be confident that we will always be open, honest and transparent in our dealings with you. We're the ethical insurer and we do things right.