December 2015

It won't happen to me

If you take part in an action sport whether professionally or as a weekend warrior, it's a case of 'when' will you become injured, not 'if'. I refer to it as 'The Cost of Doing Business', and we all pay it at some point.

Fitter, faster and stronger

My job as a high performance manager is to get people to the best specialist for that injury as quickly as possible. They get from the point of injury to the specialist appointment, bypassing the wait they'd normally have. Once all the opinions and medical interventions have been sorted they embark on a programme to return them to sport as quickly and safely as possible - the goal always to return fitter, faster and stronger than pre-injury. This all sounds great if you're a professional athlete with the resources and mechanisms in place to have this support from someone like myself - but what about everyone else?

Even the mobile phones in our back pockets have insurance

You would be surprised at the amount of professional action sports athletes that have no mechanism in place to help them should they become injured, and at the weekend warrior level that's even worse. Everything that surrounds us is insured, houses, cars, bikes, vehicles, tools - even the mobile phones in our back pocket have insurance. However individuals themselves rarely have any sort of cover in place.

A case of 'when' not 'if'

For the weekend warrior, you hit the trails/track/forest/pitch, with friends and good on you for doing so. You crash and dislocate your shoulder, then what? Were you planning on going to work on Monday? Are you able to drive and do your job if your arm is in a sling, or leg in a cast? It's not a rare scenario and not something that is unlikely to happen if you take part in action sports regardless of level - like I said it's 'when' not 'if'. This is why it's imperative to have something in place to take care of the financial side of things if you can't work - this is about ensuring the bills are paid while you're off work, not just funding the treatment and rehab needed to get you back as soon as possible. I say this not just as a high performance manager dealing with elite world class action sports athletes - but as someone with a job, family, bills to pay and who has 4 plates and over 30 screws dotted around my body from various mishaps.

For what is the cost of a coffee a week, you can have something in place to cover you. So it's not a case of can you afford it, but can you afford not to have it?

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