Team Totally

Totally Sports Insurance is proud to be supported by 4 world-class athletes. Each of them has won numerous trophies and accolades in the sporting world, and they've all encountered major injuries during their careers.

They work alongside us to help raise awareness of the importance of personal insurance, because they all know from experience, just how important it is for your health and your income to be protected.

Like us, Team Totally want everyone to be able to enjoy the sports they love, with the peace of mind that comes with being Totally Covered.

Tommy Searle - MXGP Rider

Tommy Searle becomes an Ambassador for Totally Sports Insurance

We are delighted to announce Tommy Searle as the latest ambassador for Totally Sports Insurance.

Despite his youth, he brings a wealth of experience to the team and is a huge prospect within the motocross world. He had his 13th victory at the age of just 23, at the GP of Great Britain in 2012. That win saw him become the third most successful British motocross GP rider of all time, in terms of number of GPs won, behind only former world champions Dave Thorpe and Jeff Smith.

But as well as great career highs, Tommy's also experienced the lows, finding out first-hand just how vital sports insurance can be.
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Gareth Thomas - Rugby Captain

Wales and British Lions former captain Gareth Thomas becomes an Ambassador for Totally Sports Insurance "As a child growing up from working class roots, I was one of the lucky ones who managed to turn my hobby into a career and went on to become a professional rugby player. I achieved everything I dreamed of in the game, stepping out at Cardiff as the captain of my country and going on to become the first Welshman to reach 100 caps."

Injury comes with the territory

"During my 15-year career I endured injuries all over my body. Rugby is a contact sport and injury comes with the territory. I was lucky that it was my full-time job and I had physiotherapists and surgeons to put me back together so my life could continue as normal'.

"But most of my friends who also grew up around rugby and other sports, just play as a hobby. They don't receive any financial rewards for playing and yet the risks are the same if not higher. Playing sport is great, but you need to have a financial safety net around. This is where Totally Sports Insurance comes in, and I think it's invaluable". Contact us to find out more


Steve Peat - Downhill Champion

Steve Peat is now working with Totally Sports Insurance Three times World Cup Downhill Champion Steve Peat is proud to be part of Team Totally.

Known by his loyal fans as Peaty, this downhill legend has joined forces with Totally Sports Insurance to raise awareness about the need for personal insurance for mountain biking and any other sports. He has spent the last 25 years competing at the top of his game, and has suffered his fair share of injuries. Find out more.


Wendy Schaeffer - Olympic Horse Rider

Wendy Schaeffer is now working with Totally Sports Insurance Olympic gold medalist Wendy Schaeffer entered Australia's hall of fame in 2002 and has joined forces with Totally Sports Insurance to help raise awareness of the need to have sports insurance in place.

The Equestrian Olympic Champion recently fell during practice, breaking the tibia and fibula bones in her lower left leg. As a result of this injury, she underwent surgery to insert metal plates into her leg and had 3 months off to recover.

Wendy says, "Like all sports, horse-riding comes with its risks. I'd never tell anyone to stop riding - just make sure you're protected."

Play the sports you love with cover from Totally Sports Insurance, from as little as £1.73 per week.

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Not many people can afford the luxury of so much time off work. Now you can continue with the sports that you love with cover from Totally Sports Insurance that can cost as little as £1.73 per week. Insurance can help you cover monthly outgoings such as your mortgage, utility bills and general day to day living. With continuous pay outs until you return to work and no limit to the length of pay out, can you really afford not to be insured? Why not speak with an advisor today? Click here to request more information