Abseiling Sports Insurance

Abseiling or rappelling if you're American, is the controlled descent down a cliff or a slope with the use of a rope. It is more commonly used in mountaineering, rock climbing, canyoning and caving. It is very much a thrilling activity and an extreme sport in its own right.

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Abseiling is great fun for people of all ages and can be a very rewarding challenge. A big adrenaline rush will be experienced by all, when you first step over the edge and continue all the way to the bottom.
Abseiling should however be respected. A lot of enjoyment and satisfaction can be gained from the activity, but it doesn’t come without its dangers. In fact abseiling has caused more fatalities than any other mountaineering activity.

If you have financial responsibility for either yourself or your family, it is highly likely that you have considered what you would do if you couldn’t work, because of an injury sustained whilst trying to find that adrenaline fix on the weekend. In the past people may have given up after becoming injured or simply not being able to afford to be injured.

From as little as £1.73 a week you can have a Personal Insurance Policy that will cover you financially if you were unable to work because of an injury. The policy is totally flexible and you will be covered in all aspects of the sport and in other parts of your life too.

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