Banger Racing Sports Insurance

Banger Racing came around in the ‘60s when a race promoter noted that one of the most enjoyable things about Motor Sport was the spectacular crashes that it often creates. Banger Racing takes place on tarmac and/or dirt, normally on an oval or a figure of eight circuit. It is immensely popular here in the UK, Europe and across the pond. You only have to witness the carnage to see why!

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Many different variations have formed over the years, from racing whilst towing caravans, to the fans favourite of the "Destruction Derby". Rather than complete laps, participants crash and smash into their opponents destroying and immobilising their vehicles. The last man (or woman) standing takes all.

Banger racing is a fairly cheap form of motor sport making it very popular for people of most ages, at any level. Although safety in the sport has come a long way in recent times, it still remains a very dangerous sport to say the least. Throw in high speed action, metal on metal collisions, added with petrol, oil and blood… Things can and will get messy out there!

Totally Sports Insurance is not trying to put you off, quite the opposite actually. We provide personal accident Insurance to people up and down the country that cannot live without their extreme sports, but need financial protection.

If you are looking at getting into Banger Racing, or you are a seasoned veteran, we can provide you with cover in all aspects of the sport, giving you financial protection if you were to suffer because of an injury. The policy can help cover costs towards your mortgage, rent, bills, medical fees or whatever you may see fit. Remember it is your policy, so it is your money to spend how you wish.

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