Boxing Insurance

Boxing is a combat sport that has been around for thousands of years. The sport originated from the ancient Greeks where two gladiators would fight toe to toe, sometimes against their will. Boxing can be breathtaking, dazzling and is highly entertaining for both the athletes and the spectators. Today huge arenas televise massive boxing events from the most glittering venues from around the world. The atmosphere often becoming electric as the athletes entrance music is pumped around the arena and then again as the athletes begin to trade blows.

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Fights like this can become a world of glitz and glamour. This is the sport in it's highest form. In the real world there are boxing gyms up and down the country where people will train for many different reasons. Boxing is more than throwing a punch at an opponent. Many regard boxing as one of the most technical sports on the planet. It is a great cardiovascular work out, ideal for burning fat, overall conditioning and toning up. Many people take up the sport for health reasons, to improve their lifestyle and is a great way to release the stress of day to day life.

Whatever your reasons and regardless of what gym or what level you may currently be, boxing is an intense combat sport and needs to be respected. You do not need to be in the ring taking part in a good old fashioned 'slug fest' to sustain an injury. Training can be hard work. Every muscle in your body will be made to work hard. Muscle injuries, sprains, breaks and fractures are very commonly associated within the sport. It only takes a miss timed punch to a punch bag to cause serious injury to your hand or arm. Most people need use of their hands to earn their living. So suddenly in a split second you find yourself unable to work which may leave you struggling at the end of the month when your bills need to be settled.

Totally Sports Insurance have a solution for you. We specialise in personal sports insurance and can tailor make a policy just for you. You can be covered immediately and you will be covered if you are training or competing. You can also be covered for other sports as part of your policy. View a list of the sports we cover. Cover starts from as little as £1.73 a week and will help you cover your mortgage, bills and day to day living costs while you are off work due to an accident sustained whilst taking part in your favourite sports.

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