Cheerleading Sports Insurance

Cheerleading originated in America and has be around since the late eighteen hundreds. At this moment in time it remains predominantly an American sport. However it's popularity has soared around the globe in recent times, quicker than anybody could foresee. Recent blockbuster movies are a huge reason for the sports recent hike in popularity plus the global television coverage that the International Cheerleading Championships receive.

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Cheerleading in the UK is no different, it is on the rise and it is rising fast! With teams, training camps and competitions popping up all over the country, cheerleading is fast becoming a global sensation. The displays tend to involve tumbling, dance, jumps, flying through the air and large human pyramids. As the sport grows the boundaries move with it. More and more complex moves and stunts are being performed resulting in some truly magnificent performances.

Today the display's are so vast and complex, the Cheerleaders themselves often compare to a gymnast or even a circus performer. Because of the continuing evolution of the sport, cheerleading is becoming more and more dangerous as time goes on. In America the sport that causes the largest number of catastrophic injuries among young women is not football, gymnastics or basketball. You guessed it… It is Cheerleading!

If you have recently discovered the athletic phenomenon that is Cheerleading or even if you are a seasoned pro, there is never a better time to start thinking about Personal Insurance Injury Cover. An accident can cause you serious injury, leaving you facing time off work unpaid, with thousands of pounds worth of medical bills and not to mention the rising costs of day to day living.

Thankfully for cheerleaders up and down the country, Totally Sports Insurance is here to help relive any financial worries that will occur whilst you are trying to recover from an injury. Take out a Personal Insurance Policy today and receive that financial safety net should the worst happen. The policy will cover you whether you are training or competing at any level and even if you injure yourself whilst participating in other sports. There is no limit on the amount you can receive whilst there is continuous payouts whilst you are off work due to the accident.