Skiing Sports Insurance

With snow domes and dry slopes popping up all over the country and the recent coverage of the Winter Olympics, both Skiing and Snowboarding are now hugely popular in the UK. You no longer have to go on glamours and expensive holidays to enjoy all the thrills of the slopes. Now that we have all these facilities on our door step, anyone can realistically be dreaming of that gold medal at the next Winter Olympics.

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However one thing does remain constant whether you are skiing or snowboarding and regardless of what level you maybe. Dangers exist within the sport, that is a fact!

Because you are strapped at the boot to either a pair of ski’s or a single board, it is very easy to fall. If your body twists it is not always possible for your feet and ankles to follow. This can cause major problems for your knees and hips in particular. Breaks and sprains are very common within the sport, and we haven't even covered head and spinal injuries. Trying not to point out the obvious, safety gear is a must and can save your life. However all the gear and experience in the world may not prevent you from an injury that you may suffer at the hands of an accident at your local slopes.Skiing sports insurance

It is well documented the dangers that are commonly found whilst Skiing or Snowboarding. Nobody deserves to hit the slopes and not return home. Totally Sports Insurance may not be able to offer prevention. But we can help with the financial support in the aftermath of an accident.

Totally Sports Insurance have devised a personal insurance plan that will cover you if you suffer an injury whilst on the dry slopes or whilst you are on the real powder. You can even be covered for other sports and in other aspects of life, all on one policy. Accident cover is there to protect you from any loss of income that you may experience due to time off work whilst injured because of an accident.

The policy will also cover you for accidental death, dismemberment and fracture cover. Each policy is drawn up personally to the individual. This will enable you to receive the exact cover that you need. With prices that start from as little as £1.73 per week, can you afford to be uninsured?