What our customers say

Whether they were out on their bikes, in the middle of a scrum or even just out for a run, our customers have had a fair few near misses between them. Luckily, they all lived to tell the tale, and they were all clients of Totally Sports Insurance. Here are just a few of their stories.


MX rider receives payout after being ran over

23-year old Motocross enthusiast, Neil Dodd was thrown off his bike and knocked completely unconscious. Neil had broken his forearm - ultimately needing surgery to fix it. Luckily, Neil took out cover with Totally Sports last year and received several thousand pounds to help him with his recovery process. continue reading...


Thank God I had the foresight to open an account with Totally Sports.

Self-employed IT consultant, Ethan Diedrick, suffers fractured clavicle and shoulder dislocation whilst out riding with friends. Luckily, Ethan had the foresight to take out Motocross injury cover with Totally some time prior to the incident. continue reading...


Downhill rider receives payout after breaking his jaw

Pete went into a corner a little hot. Before he knew it he was completely off line, went through some brambles which got caught up in the front wheel, sending him straight over the bars and into a rock boulder continue reading...

Thankfully Robbie discovered Totally Sports Insurance before his accident

Motocross accident leaves Robbie off work for months Robbie Kitchen, a mechanic by trade and experienced motocross rider faces a long and painful wait before he can return to work. Robbie being very much a family man lives in Scarborough in North Yorkshire with his girlfriend and their little one year old boy. Today Robbie wants to share his story to help spread the importance of personal insurance so that his nightmare doesn't become anyone else's nightmare....continue reading...


The Sports we cover:

  • Banger Racing Insurance
  • Ice Skating Accident Insurance
  • Judo Insurance
  • Kick Boxing Accident Insurance
  • Sailing Accident Insurance
  • Skateboarding Accident Insurance
  • Wing Suiting Accident Insurance
  • Plus Many More...