Quad Biking Rider Insurance

All Terrain Vehicles or ‘Quad Bikes’ as they are more commonly known, were used mainly for agriculture in the past. The forces world wide use ATV’s with the added benefit of six wheels for their fantastic off road capabilities.

It was around the 1970’s where the extreme sport of Quad Biking took it’s shape, evolving over the years into the sport that we know and love today. ‘Sporty’ Quad Bikes are built with performance, rather than utility in mind. A Quad needs to be light weight, with high power output, good suspension and a low centre of gravity. These machines can be modified for many different racing disciplines such as motocross, cross country, desert racing, hill climbing, ice racing, speedway, TT, flat track, drag racing and many others.

When the modern breed of Quad’s were introduced in the early 1970s the sport immediately raised alarming injury rates. There is no need to go into detail of the dangers associated with this fast and furious sport, that much is obvious. There has been major advances with protective gear since the early days, however the dangers still very much exist.

The sport has had undergone some negative media attention in the past. Ozzy Osbourne famously suffered at the hands of his quad bike. The rock star underwent emergency surgery after he broke his collar bone, six ribs and a vertebra in his neck, following an accident in the grounds of his Buckinghamshire estate in 2003.

If unlike Ozzy you cannot afford the time off work to heal and repair, but love the adrenaline rush that is Quad Biking, then a personal insurance policy with Totally Sports Insurance is a must. You could have your income protected if the worst was to happen and you found yourself unable to work, due to an accident sustained whilst Quad Biking. If you like to get you adrenaline fix through a multitude of sports then no problem... We provide cover for most sports and can have you fully protected, all on one policy.

With personal insurance policies starting from £1.73 a week, why not get yourself covered today.. It may just keep the bank manager at bay..!


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